Level 2 - Hint 3

Now that you know the image is public, you have two choices, you can either download it locally with docker pull and investigate it with Docker commands or do things more manually with the AWS CLI.

Option 1: Using the docker commands

To download it locally you'll use

aws ecr get-login
docker pull 653711331788.dkr.ecr.us-east-1.amazonaws.com/level2:latest
docker inspect level2

You'll see the latest command with that, and to see previous commands use the Parent hash value with the same command, such as:

docker inspect sha256:079aee8a89950717cdccd15b8f17c80e9bc4421a855fcdc120e1c534e4c102e0

Option 2: Using the AWS CLI

If you want to dig into things without using Docker, you can use:

aws ecr batch-get-image --repository-name level2 --registry-id 653711331788 --image-ids imageTag=latest | jq '.images[].imageManifest | fromjson'

Then for a given digest, use:

aws ecr get-download-url-for-layer --repository-name level2 --registry-id 653711331788 --layer-digest "sha256:edfaad38ac10904ee76c81e343abf88f22e6cfc7413ab5a8e4aeffc6a7d9087a"

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